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At Atlanta Tax Service, we are focused on providing you with the best tax preparation experience, making sure we maximize your refund or minimize your tax liability as our #1 goal. With our wide array of tax preparation products and services, we make sure to decode the complications of tax laws and help you better understand what your tax bracket means and what you need to do to plan going forward. 

The workings of IRS code and income tax overall can be tricky to understand. We at Atlanta Tax Service strive to deliver superior tax service that translates to substantial benefit in your favour.

E-file IRS Direct

When opting for an IRS Direct refund, you receive your refund directly from the IRS 10-21 days from the time your tax return has been electronically filed and accepted. You can choose to receive: 

  • Direct Deposited to your bank

  • Check sent via standard mail

1099 tax forms

Were you a 1099 employee? If you were a self- employed contractor, or a business owner that performed a job for someone you will receive a 1099 form from them. We at Atlanta Tax services file 1099 income tax returns. 

W2 Download

Still don't have your W2? No Problem. At Atlanta Tax Service we may be able to download your W2 before you receive it in the mail. You can file your taxes up to 3 weeks earlier when download your W2 at ATS.

Many companies allow their employees to download their Form W-2 prior to receiving the hard copy in the mail. Atlanta Tax Service makes it easy to download your W2 so can get your money when you need it. 

  • Last ADP pay stub of the year

  • W2 Express

  • TALX Company PIN


Did you work for yourself instead of working for an employer that pays a salary or a wage? If so, you are considered self- employed, an individual that earns his/ her income through conducting profitable operations from a trade or business that he/ operates directly. We at Atlanta Tax Service specialize in she preparing and filing Sch C self- employed income tax returns. 

$500 - $6000 Easy Advance (in minutes!)

Starting January 2nd, you can receive an easy advance up to $6000 the same day. Advance amount is based on your total net refund. The loan will be deducted from your federal tax refund, and the remainder will be automatically processed as a refund transfer and can be expected to fund within 10-14 days from IRS acceptance date.

Plus, we offer $50 cash for every referral!

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